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Landlords Vote Labour If You Want Your Rents Capped

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Tue 28 Apr 2015

Landlords Vote Labour If You Want Your Rents Capped

What do Labour say?
Over the course of a three-year contract, rents would be capped so that they cannot rise by more than the CPI rate of inflation.
Proposing to ban letting agent fees to tenants, which the party says would save the average renting household £625 over the next Parliament.

What do the Conservatives say?

The Conservatives claim the policy will lead to chaos. A spokesman said the policy would force up rents and destroy investment in housing leading to fewer homes to rent and poorer-quality accommodation. They point out that shadow housing minister, Emma Reynolds, has admitted 1970s-style controls do not work.

What do PIMS Say?

Wikipedia has an interesting definition of the word bribery “In economics, the bribe has been described as rent.” So Labour wish to buy Tenants Votes with the Landlords rent money. With regards minimum term contracts; investing in property is a long term decision - all Landlords want to retain good tenants for this reduces voids and reduce advertising costs - No landlord wants to be locked into tenants from hell for a minimum of three years. Dealing with problem tenants on the current minimum 6 months tenancy is already fraught with compliance issues and a lengthy eviction process.